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In the blog entries I will cover some of the details of my rides in more depth than the information on the rides page. I will also attempt to cover some other activities or events that I attend or am interested in. I will focus mainly on cycling, but I am also interested in other sports and activities such as climbing, Thai football and diving. I probably won't write an entry every month, but I will add things regularly.

May 2011 - Chiang Rai to Bangkok (Part 1)

May 2011 - Chiang Rai to Bangkok (Part 2)

June 2011 - Cycle touring and diabetes (Part 1)

June 2011 - Cycle touring with diabetes (Part2)

July 2011 - Cycle touring visa information for Southeast Asia

July 2011 - Cycle shops in Thailand

July 2011 - Flying with bikes

October 2011 - A day trip to Pilok

December 2011 - A return to Sangkhlaburi

January 2011 - What to Pack on a cycling trip to Southeast Asia

February 2011 - Bikes and Planes, that old classic

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